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The Right Temptation

The Right Temptation - Diane Escalera It’s that time of year again – summer vacation. If you are looking for a nice, light romance to read by the pool or on the beach, pick up The Right Temptation by Diane Escalera. This short novella is a fun little read and the author has a way of writing sizzling hot love stories – a perfect summertime diversion. In The Right Temptation, ER nurse Kayla Martinez is surprised that one of her brother’s friends (and her teenage crush) is being treated for a broken arm. Kayla has had a crush on Nico for quite some time and has plans to reacquaint herself with him. Nico is struggling with his injury. His mother won’t leave him alone, fussing over him. When she finally leaves, Nico is surprised to find Kayla at his home ready to nurse him back to health. These two are clearly attracted to each other, however Nico is a player and doesn’t believe in commitments. Then there’s Kayla’s overly protective brother Jesse, who still sees Kayla as a kid. I enjoyed this short novella. I was able to read it in an evening and I loved the characters. Nico and Kayla were steamy hot together. I did feel that Nico kind of needed a little kick in the pants. I mean, here was a girl who was perfect for him and he just didn’t want to commit. Kayla was a little aggressive, but she seemed like the kind of girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it.Thank you to the author for a review copy of this book. Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.