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Dead in the Family (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 10)

Dead in the Family - Charlaine Harris Oh, how I missed Sookie and Eric and all of the Bon Temps gang.Charlaine Harris can sure tell a good story. She takes the most boring and mundane details of life in a small town and makes it an interesting and humorous read. I had to chuckle when a comment was made about the patrons of Merlotte’s singing Bad Things by Jace Everett so loud that Sookie couldn’t hear the conversation she was having with Sam. So many things happen in this book. The weres are coming out and this would have been a great story line if only more time was given to it. Instead we get a few little anti-were protests. I did enjoy the were politics. I did miss Alcide and I now have a new respect for his role as an Alpha. The vampire politics and intrigue continued. As I continue on with this series, I really do appreciate Pam more and more. She is one astute player, carefully thinking out the repercussions of any move that can or will be made. Eric was different in this book. He kind of seemed defeated, maybe a little bit softer than in previous books. I miss the Viking Eric. I noticed a few things that are very different from the TV series, notably on the vampire back stories. In the book, Eric’s maker is Appius Livius, not Godric. Honestly, I prefer Godric to this character. Bill’s back story also differs a little. Bill has a shining moment when he makes peace with his human family. What would a Sookie book be without some sort of fairy story line? Claude the most gorgeous fairy misses being with his kind so he becomes Sookie’s new roommate. Oh, and did anyone notice the mini baby boom in Bon Temps? While this is not the best book in the series, it was an enjoyable read and something to keep me in Bon Temps until the next season of True Blood.