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Fire & Frost (Iron Seas, #3.4; Code of Shadows, #0.5) - Meljean Brook,  Carolyn Crane,  Jessica Sims This is a follow up anthology to [b:Wild & Steamy|11194502|Wild & Steamy (Includes Iron Seas #0.4; The Disillusionists Trilogy #2.5)|Meljean Brook|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1303575355s/11194502.jpg|16119392].Speed Mating - Jessica Sims - 4 starsSpeed Mating is the story of a were-liger (lion/tiger hybrid) who, despite the odds, goes into heat and needs a mate (and father of her child) pronto. Her alpha Vic is eager to assist by suggesting possible mates. Each date is a bust and as Estrella gets closer and closer to her time, she becomes desperate. Desperate enough to try speed dating where Vic is sitting in for a no-show. Estrella finds herself attracted to Vic but worries about the complications of being with him. The "heat" part gives rise to some funny situations. Estrella is horny and desperate but she still wants a good father for her young. A fun diversion.Conjuring Max - Carolyn Crane - 3 starsConjuring Max s the background story or prequel to Carolyn Crane's Mr. Real. In this story we meet the computer savvy witch Veronica and her conjured boyfriend and bodyguard Max. While I loved Mr. Real, I had a hard time with this story. Maybe it was because Veronica was not an easy character to like. After all, everyone seemed to want her dead. In any case, don't miss Mr. Real because that story is a lot of fun to read. Wrecked - Meljean Brook - 4 starsWrecked was my favorite story of this anthology, but I am a little biased. Meljean Brook's Iron Seas world has got to be one of the best steampunk worlds created. The Iron Seas is based on an alternate history of the world complete with fantastic steampunk contraptions, airships, steampunk prosthetics, nanobots, zombies, megalodons, and even a kraken. Part of the charm of this world is the featured couple who always have a hot and steamy romance. I loved Elizabeth and Caius and am looking forward to more stories from this world.