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Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror)

Darkhouse - Karina Halle Wow, that was scary good. If this is still a freebie, grab it! I'm usually a wimp when it comes to horror books but Dark House was virtually impossible to put down. While visiting her uncle's Oregon coast home, Perry decides to explore the abandoned lighthouse on the property. The lighthouse is old, damp and moldy. It's quite creepy inside with the requisite noises that old homes and properties make. Perry bumps into Dex, a blog show producer and cameraman. He has sneaked into the lighthouse to try to film its ghosts. Soon, spooky things happen and Perry manages to film parts of her experience which she later posts on her sister's fashion blog. The posts get a lot of attention, notably from Dex who wants to partner with her to create a blog show on haunted places in the US. He asks her to return to the lighthouse to film and she agrees.I loved this book! The author sets the mood on scary, then cranks it up to absolutely frightening when she drops in a few Boos! just to make the reader jumpy. Much of the action takes place in the dark and I felt my heart racing when the things that go bump in the night bumped....I adored Perry. Perry is special and it seems that she is able to see things others can't. This caused her a lot of problems and her parents were constantly concerned about Perry's mental state. To me, Perry seemed like a typical "New Adult" - she's 22 years old, still lives at home, is at an entry level dead end job, has average looks, and is a tad overweight. I loved her personality. She says what she thinks and dresses in her own style, despite the constant nagging from her Swedish ex-model mother. Dex was difficult to get a handle on. I wasn't sure of him at first. It seems to me that Perry and Dex do have a lot in common and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. A little thing did bother me about Dex - I didn't like that he just picked up Perry without introducing himself to the family. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but if you are taking a girl away for the weekend, even to work, you should introduce yourself to the family. And what's with the scary clown/prom dress lady? She kind of reminded me of the clown from Stephen King's It. Freaky. If you haven't started this series, grab this free book while you can. I believe it is free on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords - check before buying. Kobo free download 3/26/13.Review appears on Badass Book Reviews as a featured Whittling Down the Freebie Pile book.