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The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa 4.5 stars. The Eternity Cure is the second book in Julie Kagawa’s Blood of Eden series. The book depicts a world ravaged by the dreaded Red Lung disease. Humans are forced to live in walled cities for their “safety” but they serve as “cattle” for their vampire overlords. Escape outside the walls is a suicide attempt as those areas are populated by mindless but hungry Rabids.Make sure that you set aside a block of uninterrupted time to read this book. The Eternity Cure is virtually impossible to put down. The book is fast-paced, there are monsters hiding around the corners, and the author loves to drop in some twisty plot turns and surprises. One of the reasons The Eternity Cure was so enjoyable has got to be Allison. Allison is quite a practical heroine: when given a choice of certain death or becoming a vampire, her choice was the latter. What’s interesting about Allison is her constant struggle to maintain her humanity. Becoming a monster is not an option for Allison. Allison is also one badass heroine. She certainly knows how to wield a katana sword effectively.When it comes to villains, this book has got to have one of the most psychotic villains I’ve seen in a while. No one is safe from Sarren. Sarren is deliciously evil, a vampire on a mission of destruction. And Kanin…how I loved the chapters told from his point of view. You really get a sense of what kind of character Kanin was from these chapters.I also loved how the author took a hated character from The Immortal Rules and made him more likeable in The Eternity Cure. Didn’t think that could even be possible. The Blood of Eden series is one of the best young adult vampire series available right now. These vampires do not sparkle – they are dark, scary, and bloodthirsty. Highly recommended for those who enjoy fast-paced creepy vampire tales. Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for a review copy of this book.Christal and I discuss The Eternity Cure on Badass Book Reviews.