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Wild & Steamy (Includes: Iron Seas #0.4; The Disillusionists Trilogy #2.5)

Wild & Steamy - Meljean Brook, Jill Myles, Carolyn Crane Overall, a wild & steamy anthology...The Blushing Bounder - A Tale of the Iron Seas by Meljean Brook - 4 starsMeljean Brook's Iron Seas series is one of my favorite steampunk series. The author's world building is extensive and the story takes the reader to an alternate history of London, complete with airships, nanobots, steampunk contraptions galore, and strangely enhanced humans. This story focuses on Temperance and Edward Newberry, two Americans forced to move to London because of a public kissing indiscretion. (Oh, the shame of it!) Temperance suffers from consumption and is slowly dying unless she takes a transfusion of nanobots that would cure her.This is definitely steampunk done right, if not just a little bit grotesque. In addition to all the cool gadgets, people in this world have machinery grafted on to their bodies! As this is part of the Wild and Steamy anthology, there is a little steam...Vixen by Jill Myles - 3 starsThis is the first time I've read a story by Jill Myles and I will definitely look out for more. This is by far the steamiest story of the anthology. Vixen is the story of a were-fox or kitsune named Miko. Kitsunes are known for their voracious sexual appetite. Miko's mother is worried that her little girl/fox is all alone and arranges for two hot were-cats to be her bodyguards. It seems that a local hunter is illegally hunting fox and Miko may be in danger. Werecats Sam and Jeremiah to the rescue!Oh my, there was a lot of steam factor here. Two hot guys and one sexy fox. Need I say more?Kitten-Tiger and the Monk by Carolyn Crane - 4 starsI was struck by the fantastic world created by the author. This story is probably my favorite of the anthology. I loved this story about Sophia, a woman with the power to change memories and Robert, her old flame and a power to be reckoned with. Sophia wants to rid herself of her power and seeks out the Monk to help her out. The Disillusionist World has to be one of the more original series out there and I really must start reading that series soon.Steam factor - Yes.