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Island Pleasures (1 Night Stand Series)

Island Pleasures (1 Night Stand Series) - KT Grant Looking outside at the dreary grey clouds always makes me want to read something spicy and hot. Island Pleasures by KT Grant was a nice escape from the cold. This is a short story about a young reporter who is eager to break a story about an illegal escort service running out of a Caribbean resort hotel. Carly arrives at the hotel and is surprised to find two men from her past working at the hotel: Quinn her first love and Brian a former classmate. I think that what I loved about this story was that the there was a story. The characters did not just fall in bed together right away. There's lots of unresolved tension between Quinn and Carly. Of course, the island setting helped move the story along as well.This is a nice little hot and spicy story. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.