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Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele, Book 1)

Tiger Eye - Marjorie M. Liu So much fun to read! Magic, a curse, and a kickass heroine, combine to create an entertaining read. Tiger Eye is the first book in Marjorie Liu's Dirk & Steele series and is an excellent start to the series.Tiger Eye is the story of Dela and Hari, two characters with special abilities. Dela can hear the call of weapons and is a well-known weapons maker. She is a remarkable heroine, not only clever and resourceful, but a kickass fighter. Hari is an amazing specimen of a man, huge and powerful. He is also immortal and a tiger shifter. Hari has been in a kind of suspended animation for centuries, awakened when Dela opened a magical rosewood box that had been his prison.What I enjoyed most about this book was the hilarious banter between Hari and Dela. Hari has to adapt to the 21st century rather quickly and a few of his mannerisms were hilarious. I found him a little pompous at first, but he was a likable character and oh, so sexy.Hari tends to forget that clothing is necessary in the 21st century:"...I'll be in a public place. Lots of people, witnesses. Besides, you can't go out dressed in a towel. Women will have spontaneous pregnancies. Hairy men will go bald. Dogs will start wearing clothes and smoking cigarettes. Chaos everywhere."I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series.