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Hex Appeal

Hex Appeal - Simon R. Green, Carrie Vaughn, P.N. Elrod, Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher Hex Appeal is a collection of 9 short stories. While anthologies are not usually my favorite reads, I found this anthology to be a quick and enjoyable way to spend a freezing cold Sunday. While most of the stories ranked in the 2 - 3 star range, 3 stories stood out for me:RETRIBUTION CLAUSE by Ilona AndrewsI'm beginning to think that there is probably not a book or story of the writing team Ilona Andrews that I wouldn't like. I mean, who would think to combine the urban fantasy world of Kate Daniels and something as innocuous as insurance adjusters? Retribution clause takes place in Philadelphia, in a world where magic wreaks havoc. The murdered wife of a lawyer had a retribution clause attached to her life insurance policy and Adam and Siroun are sent to "collect". 4/5 starsBIGFOOT ON CAMPUS by Jim ButcherFigures that Harry Dresden would know Bigfoot aka River Shoulders. Harry explains the mayhem and destruction at a campus dorm to a campus cop. Oh, and there are vampires of the White Court involved. How I have missed Harry. 4.5/5 starsTHE ARCANE ART OF MISDIRECTION by Carrie VaughnJulie, a Las Vegas card dealer witnesses a cheater. She then sees something completely out of the ordinary and follows Grant out of the casino. A clever take on magic and illusion. 4/5 starsHOLLY'S BALM by Rachel CaineSo when is a zombie not a zombie? When he has been resurrected by a witch. This short story is about a serial killer who resurrects his victims and kills them again. Nicely done. 3/5 starsThe other stories were not to my taste but fans of those authors may enjoy those stories.