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Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Initial thoughts:Liked it as a fan fiction, however the transformation into a novel didn't work for me. Lots of panty ripping and angry sex if you like that kind of thing. My review:It seems like everyone is jumping on the fan fiction bandwagon hoping to find that elusive hit book and replicate the success of the Fifty Shades trilogy. The thing is, once a fan fiction is published, it does not necessarily translate into a good novel without extensive rework. I’m not just taking about replacing the original characters’ names with new names and changing the setting. Fan fiction for the most part is serialized and the end of each chapter often includes a bit of a cliffhanger in order to keep the reader interested. That does not always translate well for a full length novel. Fan fiction also relies on someone else’s characters – fans know the characters and every little trait. If the characters aren’t developed properly the new reader may find the characters stilted and one dimensional. Beautiful Bastard is written in alternating points of view of the main characters. Chloe Mills is a 26 year old office intern, well on her way to finishing her business degree. Chloe has been assigned to work for Bennett Ryan, the 31 year old golden boy of Ryan Media. Bennett is known to be a nasty and demanding boss.Bennett and Chloe have an instant love/hate relationship. He constantly provokes her, she responds in a snarky manner. Sparks fly and an inappropriate boss/subordinate relationship begins. Oh, and Chloe has a penchant for very expensive underwear and Bennett enjoys ripping said panties off of Chloe and hoarding them – eww!These two have a lot of panty ripping, button popping, angry sex – everywhere but at their own homes. In the boardroom pressed up against a window, in the stairwell, in the elevator (well- almost), in the lingerie fitting room, and in his parents’ bathroom. Surely a man as rich as Bennett could spring for a hotel room?Those in the know will chuckle at some of the lines – “…she bit her lip…”So lots of ripped clothing, hot sex, and a hot couple – why didn’t I like the book? For me, it has to do with the translation from a serialized fan fiction to a full length novel. I read it for free on the internet about a year ago, why would I go out and buy it? There is a lack of character development. Chloe is thrown into a situation of working for a difficult boss. We never learn why he is so demanding. The characters do not feel fleshed out. I’m not sure that I can recommend shelling out money for this book, especially since it was available online as a fan fiction for quite a while. While the authors did state that the book was reworked, I didn’t really see many differences between the fan fiction and this book. So Read With Caution!Recommended for: Fan fiction lovers who know who Bennett and Chloe are.Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for a review copy of this book. This review appears on Badass Book Reviews. Check out our new Read with Caution feature.