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Water Witch. by Carol Goodman

The Water Witch - Juliet Dark, Carol Goodman Demon Lover made me a fan of Juliet Dark (Carol Goodman). I really enjoyed the dark, gothic romance of that book and I eagerly picked up a copy of The Water Witch. I was glad to be back in the Catskill town of Fairwick, back with Callie and her eccentric circle of friends. The author sets the mood so well in the prologue. The writing is both beautiful and descriptive and it is easy to imagine yourself in that town watching all of the magic and action. The previous book is recapped well, without feeling repetitive. In The Water Witch, Callie is trying to get over the loss of her incubus lover Liam however, he still appears to her in her dreams. And oh, what dreams…If she loves him, he’ll become a real man. In the meantime, the mysterious Bill the handyman appears as does Duncan, a visiting professor sent to train Callie to use her powers. Callie is the doorkeeper to Faerie and as doorkeeper she must escort a group of undines back to Faerie. Something goes awry and the undine Lorelei wreaks havoc on the town of Fairwick. Meanwhile, Callie’s grandmother and The Grove with the help of IMP(Institute of Magical Professionals) campaign to close the doors to Faerie permanently. This action would have an immediate consequence for the town of Fairwick and its citizens as half the town would need to leave. This was an action packed book, yet it had a laid back relaxing feel to it. Callie’s character is stronger in this book. She is coming into her powers and she has a lot of support from her neighbors and friends. Callie’s grandmother is one scary lady. Almost as scary as the zombie beavers. (Yes! There are zombie beavers in this book! Really!)If you haven’t tried Juliet Dark/Carol Goodman’s books yet, I recommend that you do. Especially if you enjoy dark, gothic books full of intriguing characters with all sorts of magical powers. There is another book planned in the series: The Hallowed Door. I can’t wait!Thank you to Edelweiss and Random House for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.