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'Til The World Ends: Dawn of EdenThistle & ThorneSun Storm

'Til The World Ends: Dawn of EdenThistle & ThorneSun Storm (Luna Books) - 'Julie Kagawa',  'Ann Aguirre',  'Karen Duvall' Really good anthology. ’Til the World Ends is an anthology of three novellas about a post-apocalyptic world. I was excited to read this anthology mostly because of Julie Kagawa’s story Dawn of Eden, the prequel to her highly successful Blood of Eden series. I’ve enjoyed Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series and Karen Duval was a new to me author. Dawn of Eden by Julie KagawaEasily my favorite story in the anthology, or perhaps it was because I was familiar with this world. Dawn of Eden is the story of the aftermath of the Red Lung virus and the beginnings of the scary vampire-human zombie like creatures that rule the night. This story focuses on Kylie, a Red Lung virus survivor and Ben Archer. Ben is headed home to his estranged family. The story is exciting and the pacing is frenetic. Some interesting revelations are made about the hybrids. There is also the appearance of a mysterious character, identified only as K. Well done and darker than The Immortal Rules. Recommended that The Immortal Rules be read BEFORE this novella. Rating: 4 starsThistle and Thorne by Ann AguirreI’m not really sure if this story fits into any of Ms. Aguirre’s series. This is an interesting take about a corrupt world set in the future after some world changing chemical spills. The world is lacking in resources and the main character resorts to theft in order to feed her younger siblings. She pairs up with an enforcer and the two of them work to unseat an incredibly bloodthirsty and corrupt official. I loved how this unlikely couple worked together. Nicely done.Rating: 4 starsSun Spots by Karen DuvalI’ve never read anything by Ms. Duval, but I think I may need to look up some of her books. Sun Spots takes place after a devastating event called The Bell Ringer. The sun sends down deadly sparks that can kill most humans. Our heroine Sarah is able to predict these storms and makes it her purpose to warn people to take shelter when these storms arrive. She meets Ian who is able to control the weather. They soon realize that their powers are complementary and seek out government officials because Sarah has a premonition of a catastrophic end of the world. Sun Spots was an interesting story that held my attention throughout. Rating: 4 starsOverall, this was an enjoyable anthology and I am looking forward to reading more books by these authors.Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin books for a review copy of this book. Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.