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The Angel

The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz Edit - 12/29/12 - Series reread with Steph B. Just as good, even better the second time around. Original review:There’s something to be said about a book that can take a reader right out of their comfort zone and yet leave that same reader with a sense of exhilaration and the desire to read more. This is Tiffany Reisz’s The Angel, the second book in her Original Sinners series. This is not the book for the faint of heart, or for those under the age of majority. If you are offended by religious references, this is definitely not the book for you. There are some sexual situations which may scare off some people. Blood play, cutting – who knew? So what makes this book so compelling? First of all, the author tells an amazingly intricate story. I’m not going to go into the plot other than Soren is up for a promotion which would take him away from the privacy of his comfortable little parish. He arranges for Nora to go out to the country while he is under investigation. Nora will be in charge of Michael and keep him safe from Griffin. Meanwhile, a reporter is investigating Soren, certain that she will find him guilty of some priestly hanky-panky.The characters make this book a captivating read. These characters have so many layers, so many dimensions, that what you see is definitely not what you get. Take Nora for example. Nora is a successful erotica writer, a submissive to her lover (a Catholic priest with a penchant for sadism, no less), and a highly regarded dominatrix. Nora has this joie de vivre about her, a je ne sais quoi and a wicked sense of humor. Nora doesn’t enter a room, she flounces in. Nora is torn between her love for her ex-intern and houseboy Wesley and her priest and lover, Soren. I loved that more was revealed about each character in this book. Soren’s painful past made me change my opinion of him. I actually began to admire Soren (but I am still scared!) What a horrible father! I was a little shocked by Nora’s background, especially her mother. I’ve come to expect being shocked whenever Nora is involved. This was also the first book I have read with a M/M relationship. I’ve never been comfortable reading M/M, nor have I sought that type of book out, but whoa, this was hot. Michael was a wonderful character. I loved how he developed from a shy, introverted young man to one who could speak up for himself. I can’t write a review for The Angel without mentioning Griffin Fiske, the trust fund baby and bad boy. Did I mention that ALL the men in this book are drop dead gorgeous? Griffin’s bad boy image was transformed and we get to see a tender side of Griffin. Once again, Ms. Reisz has taken a vanilla bean like me on an amazing ride. The Angel was a shocking, albeit fun book to read. I can’t wait for The Prince.Favorite quotes:“Soren can put the fear of God into a sub by just showing up,” Griffin said.“I know. I love that man,” Nora said, smiling with pride. “…you just clenched your ass tighter than the second pair of Spanx on a drag queen. ““Your mind is both fascinating and repulsive.” “Is kink your answer for everything, Eleanor?”Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin MIRA for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.