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On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1)

On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young A few years after the tragic loss of her entire family, Jocelyn (Joss) Butler leaves the US for Scotland in an effort to start over again. While looking for lodging, she meets Ellie Carmichael who happens to have the most amazing apartment on Dublin Street. The two hit it off and become roommates and good friends. I enjoyed this book for the most part, however I just could not relate to Joss. Joss has a lot of issues, mainly because she has not properly grieved the loss of her family. She also suffered an additional loss when her best friend died a year later. Joss suffers from panic attacks and does not see herself worthy of any kind of relationship.Enter Ellie’s brother, Braden Carmichael. Braden owns the apartment and is very over protective of Ellie. Actually, Braden enters the apartment while Joss is in the bath. She has forgotten a towel and when she opens the door to get one, she is surprised to see Braden standing there. Funnily enough, Joss met Braden earlier (fully clothed) when they shared a cab. Probably the best way to describe Braden, aside from his wealth, would be an alpha highlander with caveman tendencies. (Not that there is anything wrong with that). Braden has a strong personality and is used to getting what he wants. He is also a bit of a playboy. Braden proposes an arrangement for himself and Joss. He needs a companion to accompany him to various events. Oh, he also would like some sex on the side – no strings attached. The two agree on the terms of their relationship. The sex is hot and Braden and Joss make a combustible pair. Soon Joss’ issues get in the way and they break up which is awkward considering Ellie is Braden’s sister. I must say that at this point Joss drove me nuts. She was so self-absorbed in her own issues that she barely noticed her roommate’s declining health. I did like the secondary couple Ellie and Adam and I would have loved to see more of those two. They were so very cute, trying to hide their relationship from Braden.While On Dublin Street was not a fantastic read for me, I am sure that others looking for a nice, light romance will enjoy this book. Thank you to Edelweiss and NAL Paperback for review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.