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A Perfect Blood (Rachel Morgan Series #10)

A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison I'm always happy to go back to The Hollows and visit with Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and the gang. It kind of feels like a second home for me. The Hollows was one of the first UF series that I read and I am so happy that Kim Harrison keeps coming up with more stories about these characters.Of course, the series is wonderful because of all of the eccentric characters that surround Rachel - from potty mouthed Jenks, to sleek and scary Ivy, and to the enigmatic Trent. Even Al comes to visit from the Ever After.In this installment of The Hollows, Rachel along with Ivy and Jenks are on a run after HAPA - Humans Against Paranormals. These guys are a terrifying lot - they are kidnapping people with Rosewood syndrome and trying to turn them into demons. Freak show crazy.The star of this series is Rachel Morgan. It’s hard to describe what Rachel is without spoilers, so let’s just say that she is a witch, a special witch. What I like about Rachel is that in the past few books you can see how her character grows and matures. In fact, her maturity level is surprising as she is now able to understand the consequences of her actions. Rachel used to be a loose cannon and in this book she is introspective. She sees her friends and how they’ve moved on in life – families, relationships, etc. and she is still alone. These books are categorized by a manic pacing. There’s a lot of action going on and Big Bad (HAPA) is very, very scary. And bad. And most definitely evil. But Rachel and her friends prevail. They always seem to. I can’t wait for Ever After coming out in January. That’s not that long of a wait….