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Easy - Tammara Webber Easy by Tammara Webber is not my usual kind of read. I tend to stay away from contemporary romances and chick-lit. I loved Easy even though the first chapter had a scene which threw me for a loop. I honestly thought that I would abandon the book, and I'm glad that I read on. There is an attempted rape scene which could upset sensitive readers. Jacqueline, a first year college student must live with the aftermath of the attack. She'd like to forget about it completely, but her aggressor becomes more and more antagonist towards her. In addition, she is newly single, having broken up with her boyfriend of three years and the very reason she chose this particular college. The breakup and the attack affect her school work and she finds herself failing economics. Jacqueline is required to take on a tutor and submit an extra project in order to pass the course. Enter Landon Maxfield, tutor. Jacqueline has a fairly busy schedule and arranges for all of her tutoring to be by email. The emails are quite friendly and entertaining. Jacqueline is a little slow to figure out who her tutor is even though he attends every economics class. Which brings me to my favorite character in the book - Lucas. What girl wouldn't want a boy like Lucas. I know my college-aged self would love a Lucas. Lucas always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, probably due to all of his side jobs. When Jacqueline's roommate convinces her to go to self-defense training, Lucas is there. I loved how Lucas worked with Jacqueline to teach her how to protect herself. I think this book is fairly realistic in its depiction of date rape and its aftermath. In many ways, I was disappointed with the way that Jacqueline handled her situation, even though I understood her reasoning. I did like the steps she took to learn self-defense so that she could empower herself.I'd recommend Easy to senior high school and college aged readers. I'm looking forward to reading more books by Tammara Webber in the future.