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Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning Take a human sexuality professor and partner her up with a rock star and put them both in a cramped rock band touring bus. The results are sex, sex, and more sex. Rinse and repeat. All sorts of creative sex.The funny thing is that this past week I read another erotic romance and that author made fun of all of the stereotypical things in that particular genre of writing. As I read this book, I thought of that authors comments and practically giggled as I saw all of the stereotypical things come up:*Well endowed man - check*Man of incredible stamina - check*No worries about UTIs - checketc., etc. So I tried this series. It was hard to finish it. The heroine kind of annoyed me. I guess it's not my cup of tea. Your results may vary - this is a popular series. Backstage Pass was Free on Kobo 4/5/11