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Stolen: A Novel of Romantic Suspense

Stolen - Shiloh Walker Stolen is the first book I’ve read by Shiloh Walker *hangs head in shame*. It definitely won’t be my last.Stolen is the story of a young author Shay Morgan and the man who loves her Elliot Winter. What’s nice about this story is that both the hero and heroine are damaged goods; each brings their own inner demons (or dragons, in Shay’s case) to the story. As Shay is introduced, she is so very skittish, fearful of everything around her and very much a recluse. She even writes her books under a pseudonym. Shay values her privacy so much that she has moved to the isolated Alaskan community of Earth’s End, probably the farthest one can be to get away from it all. Shay’s damage comes from some sort of traumatic childhood experience that she barely remembers. In addition, she is recuperating from a pretty serious car accident where she was in a coma for several days. She is on a trip into town when she crosses paths with her ex-boyfriend Elliot. I must admit that I was a little annoyed with both Shay and Elliot at first. So much angst! So little communication between them. I felt that there would be no way that these two could even be in the same room, let alone have a relationship. Both characters just seemed doomed to their boring lives and Shay’s damage seemed irreparable Luckily for Shay, her best friend Lorna was also Elliot’s sister. Shay realizes that someone is using her name and masquerading as her writing alter-ego. She even finds some signed books in Elliot’s bookstore – books that she did not sign. All sorts of social media accounts are set up in her name, accounts that she did not authorize. Stolen is the story of a woman who gets her identity stolen in a most insidious manner, through the internet. The story raises some extremely scary questions: How can a person protect themselves from such a theft? What can you do once someone does this?I did guess who the antagonist was very quickly but I was awed by the lengths this character went to terrorize Shay and even Elliot. This character was totally psycho. I enjoyed how the relationship between Shay and Elliot developed. Shay had a lot of trust issues and Elliot was strong and patient with her, and very much worth the wait. I’ll be on the lookout for more books by this author in the future. Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for a review copy of this book.