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Cay - This was a free download from audiobooksync.com this summer.The audio book is narrated by Michael Boatman, who does a wonderful job. The end of the audio includes an interview with the author. During WWII, Phillip and his mother travel from the island of Curaco to the US. Their ship is torpedoed and young Phillip finds himself aboard a raft with Timothy and a cat named Stew Cat. Their raft drifts though the Caribbean and ends up on a deserted cay. To further complicate matters, Phillip had suffered a blow to his head which resulted in him becoming blind.This is a fantastic story about friendship and survival. It is also a story about a young child learning to change his preconceived notions about a person from another culture. Timothy's character taught Phillip basic survival skills, tolerance, and friendship.I loved Timothy. Timothy was an old sailor of Caribbean descent. He never did know how old he was, but he was around 70. Timothy was kind and patient with Phillip, even when Phillip was behaving like a brat. It is interesting to note that while on the island, Phillip was completely blind. In addition to learning survival skills, Phillip must also learn to live with his new handicap. This is a wonderful story suitable for all ages. The audio book is recommended.