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Hanging by a Thread

Hanging by a Thread - Sophie Littlefield I was quite excited to get an advance reader copy of Hanging by a Thread. I loved Sophie Littlefield’s Aftertime series and I have her other books on my bloated to-read list as well. While I liked Hanging by a Thread, it was a bit disappointing for me. Perhaps it was because it was nothing at all like Aftertime. Perhaps it was because it was a young adult book and some of the teenage antics did make me roll my eyes a few times. The premise of this book is intriguing. Clare Raley is a 16 year old with a special gift: She has a sort of psychic connection to already worn and vintage clothing. A mere touch and she experiences what the original wearer felt. The images are vivid and sometimes cause her to pass out. So far, so good – sounds interesting. The book is bogged down by a lot of details about sewing, fabric, garment construction, and vintage buttons and accessories. Personally, this did not bother me because I like to sew. However, it does give this book a limited appeal to audiences that are into fashion design, vintage clothing, and the like. I did like Clare. It was refreshing that a young girl could be so creative and such a talented seamstress. I had mixed feelings about her choice in boyfriends. Jack came across as a bad boy. With regards to the plot itself, I did find it frustrating that in a small town with a supposed serial killer on the loose the parents didn’t seem to protect their children. My kids would not have been allowed out at all.Hanging by a Thread is a well written book. While I enjoyed this book, it may not appeal to all readers.Thank you to NetGalley and Random House for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.