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Skulduggery Pleasant (Skulduggery Pleasant Series #1)

Skulduggery Pleasant  - Derek Landy, Rupert Degas 3.5 starsSkulduggery Pleasant started off as an amusing audio book. It was quite funny at first and we were giggling as we listened. The reading of the will scene was very entertaining and had that British comedy feel to it. I think that the first half was much more entertaining than the second half and the middle did lag a bit. Skulduggery Pleasant is a skeleton and a detective. He kind of reminded me of a Tim Burton "Nightmare Before Christmas" character. Well, that's how I pictured him. I loved Stephanie - she was smart, precocious, and a real likable heroine. This audio book had one of the longest villain monologues ever. Overall, Skulduggery Pleasant had some good entertainment value. I would recommend this for kids 10 years old and older. This book was downloaded for free as part of http://audiobooksync.com Summer 2012 promotion. See what other audio books made our Road Trip playlist and what we thought of them on Badass Book Reviews.