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Funny Business

Guys Read: Funny Business (Audio) - Kate DiCamillo, David Lubar, Jon Scieszka, Jeff Kinney OK, we were stuck in the car for quite a while so when we started listening to these short stories, something happened. The kids stopped bickering. They stopped asking "are we there yet?" Peaceful driving through some scary mountain roads.Guys Read: Funny Business is a collection of short stories read by different narrators. All the stories have their merits, but a few stories stood out for us. I need to apologize for not taking notes on the titles of the stories (it was dark in the car) so here are our top picks:1. I think our favorite had to be the one about Papa Red - the really mean grandfather who enjoyed playing nasty tricks on his family. There's some pretty gross hot dog humor there and we were laughing our heads off.2. The Travis the Turkey story - Told from the point of view of a boy who felt like Travis was taking his place in the family. Quite funny, especially when the boy thought that the turkey was out to get him. 3. Will - This story kind of reminded me of The Incredibles. A special school for kids with "talent" and a bit of crazy superheroes. Lots of fun and special costumes and of course, really smart kids. 4. Remember those reading assignments you got as a kid? Or if you ever had one of those creative teachers that made you actually write an author and ask questions? This story had a really lazy kid ask an author to answer the standard boring questions. The back and forth letter writing was quite entertaining. This series is great for the reluctant reader. The stories are interesting and have just the right amount of gross out factor combined with humor. Well done. This audio book was downloaded free of charge as part of http://audiobooksync.com Summer 2012 promotion. See what other audio books made our Road Trip playlist and what we thought of them on Badass Book Reviews.