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Alpha (Shifters Book 6)

Alpha - Rachel Vincent While I was reading this series, I often thought about Greg Sanders, Faythe’s father and Alpha of his Pride. I wondered about his decision to train Faythe as his successor. Was it a sound decision? What leadership skills did he see in Faythe? Throughout most of the series, Faythe’s decisions often seemed misguided and impulsive. I know many readers were put off by her attitude and some did not continue reading this excellent series. In Alpha, Faythe begins to shine. I understood Greg’s choice of leader and Faythe was the logical successor. Yes, Faythe still made some stupid, angsty choices in her love life – we’ll get to that later – but she fought with determination for her Pride and for the benefit of all werecats, Pride or Strays. I loved many things about this book but the father-daughter moments were my favorites. I was touched when Faythe confessed to her father and spoke to him about her relationship woes. Greg helped Faythe understand the repercussions of her decision. Faythe’s relationship triangle angst drove me bonkers. I’m not really a fan of the love triangle. I love Marc. Jace always struck me as a bit of an opportunist. (Now you all know which side I’m on). I hated how Faythe strung both men along, putting her decision off. This aspect of the book really bothered me because Faythe’s inability to choose made her seem weak and immature. Faythe’s father said it best: ”You have to choose. You cannot make decisions for the rest of them if you can’t make this one for yourself.”I enjoyed the inclusion of the Thunderbirds in this book. Faythe’s negotiation with the Thunderbirds was a highlight for me. It provided some insight into the Thunderbirds mystical culture. Alpha is an intense read. It is filled with action and a lot of violence. At times, the grief and sadness made me go through a lot of tissues. At times, it felt as if Faythe and the Pride would not be able to overcome their obstacles. I felt frustration and despair as Cal continued with his dirty tricks, staying one step ahead of Faythe. I did find the violence level quite high with Faythe getting beaten almost to the point of death. For a society that values its females of childbearing age, I really was surprised how many times Faythe was attacked or beaten. I’m sad that the series is over. It ended well. All the right decisions were made. I wish there was more. Maybe Ms. Vincent could write about some of the other werecats? A book about the Thunderbirds would be interesting, or maybe Kellar? Favorite quote: "This place is like a scary, furry soap opera."Update 8/3/12 - We've highlighted this series in our Sucker for a Series feature on Badass Book Reviews. Check it out!