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Summoning the Night (Arcadia Bell)

Summoning the Night - Jenn Bennett Summoning the Night by Jenn Bennett was an awesome read. I literally read the book in one day; I could not put it down. Excitement, edge of your seat action, and a few Indiana Jones-type moments made this book one of my favorite urban fantasy reads of this year.This is a cool world. Earthbound demons (as opposed to summoned demons) live in plain sight. The humans (savages) are not aware of their demon neighbors. Earthbound demons have a “knack” or special talent. These knacks vary from healing to locating the dead to compulsion and more. Most of these Earthbound demons live around the La Sirena area and they frequent the Tambuku Tiki Bar, a Tiki lounge owned by Arcadia Bell and her business partner Kar-Yee. One of the reasons why I enjoy this series is the lead couple: Lon Butler and Arcadia Bell. Lon and Cady are so perfect together. There is little angst between them and they make an excellent sleuthing team. Lon is an Earthbound demon with a knack as an empath. Lon makes a living as a photographer, photographing people and places all over the world. Cady is a magician who was specially bred by her crazy and now deceased parents. Cady’s powers are not fully developed yet, but she is a powerful magician, mostly self-taught. She is also learning how to use her new Moonchild powers as well.Jupe is another reason why I love this series. Jupe is Lon’s precocious 13 year old son. Jupe is as cute as a puppy dog, intense, affectionate, adorable, and smart. Jupe is a walking encyclopedia of all movie related things. In this book, Jupe is coming into his knack and is able to manipulate people to do his bidding.The story line was engaging. Someone was kidnapping the kids of transmuted Hellfire Club members. The crime was similar to a crime 30 years earlier. Lon and Cady investigate with the assistance of Bob and Hajo, a drug addicted locator of the dead. There's lots of neat booby-trapped magicks in this book, a memorable scene with lots and lots of poisonous bugs.Oh, and Lon has the most amazing hilltop home ever! In this book we find out he also owns a cute Victorian home as well. Some guys have all the luck. Urban fantasy lovers will enjoy Jenn Bennett's Arcadia Bell series. I can’t wait for the next installment. More! I want more!