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Two Weeks' Notice (Revivalist Series #2)

Two Weeks' Notice - Rachel Caine Two Weeks’ Notice gives new meaning to the term corporate zombies. Literally.Not your usual brain-eating zombies, the zombies in Two Weeks’ Notice are just regular folk revived by Pharadene Pharmaceuticals miracle drug Returné. The catch? The revived must take a dose of Returné daily or risk decomposition. The drug has a more evil side, allowing the users to be compelled.The author captures the sinister side of corporate America in this unique mix of urban fantasy and conspiracy thriller. Big Pharma and government agencies are portrayed as the villains in this twisty tale. The conspiracy runs deep and the level of paranoia is at a high.Central to this story is Bryn Davis, now the owner of the Davis Funeral Home and a user of the drug Returné. Bryn has come a long way since the first book. I’ve warmed up to her character and feel a lot more sympathy for her. Bryn is in an unenviable position. In order to keep receiving her daily dose of Returné, she must help the FBI. Bryn does have several advantages: She is, after all, already dead, and while she is on the drug she heals rapidly. Bryn also has the backing of two very dedicated professionals – Joe Fideli and Patrick McCallister.Joe is a character full of contrasts. He is a devoted husband and father. He is also a walking armory, a well-trained field operative. Lethal. I love Joe.Patrick. What can I say about Patrick? Patrick makes Bryn feel alive. He is also keeping her alive ensuring that she gets her daily dose of Returné. He is protective of Bryn and there is a genuine affection for her. Patrick is absolutely perfect from Bryn.Now wait a minute. Zombie romance? Just how is that possible? Don’t body parts fall off? Not with Ms. Caine’s’ zombies. These are revived people. As long as they are on the drug, their heart beats, their bodies are warm, and they do not decompose. So yes, there can be a romance which is great because I’ve wanted to see these two get together. Paranoia is taken to whole new levels by my absolute favorite pair in this book Manny and Pansy. I’m so glad that they have more time in this book, there’s never too much Manny and Pansy. Manny a reclusive scientist and his companion Pansy hide out in San Diego. Their security measures alone were entertaining. Of course, there is even something for dog lovers in this book. I loved Mr. French, Bryn’s pet bulldog. So cute!I could not put Two Weeks’ Notice down. It was action-packed, full of twisty plot turns and surprises and a few “I didn’t see that coming” moments. If you enjoy conspiracy thrillers with a touch of urban fantasy, you are in for a treat. And the ending…..Wow.More, Ms. Caine. I want more…….Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.Thank you to the author for a review copy of this book