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Kindling the Moon: An Arcadia Bell Novel

Kindling the Moon - Jenn Bennett Why didn’t I read this sooner?Kindling the Moon was a fun read for me. The author creates an interesting world where Earthbound demons walk among us and magical orders exist. Kindling the Moon is the story of a young woman forced to live in hiding under an assumed name because of her parents’ involvement in a series of high profile murders. Her current identity is Arcadia Bell and she is a bartender and part owner of the Tambuku Tiki Lounge (love that name!), a hangout for Earthbound demons. I loved the bar scenes. The author has a great sense of humor and I had to laugh as the bar patrons sang along and talked to the television a la Rocky Horror to Paranormal Patrol Night, a Ghost Hunters kind of show. Arcadia’s world is fascinating. Earthbound demons - demons that cannot return to their realm live among humans, even marrying them. They are easily visible to someone of Arcadia’s powers and they have different colored halos. The AEthyric demons are the scary demons that had to be summoned by a magician.Arcadia is a great character. For someone who grew up with absentee parents, Arcadia has done well for herself. She is an accomplished magician, with limited training and a lot of power. Arcadia is brave and resourceful, a quick thinker, and a kick-ass heroine. Oh, she also has a little hedgehog as a pet. Cute! I fell in love with Lon. Lon is an Earthbound demon, a devoted father, and a successful photographer. Lon is an empathy and his demon is able to transmute. He is also a practitioner of magic, rare in the demon world. I drooled over the description of Lon’s home. Spectacular. I also fell in love with Lon’s 13 year old son, Jupe. I think that Arcadia and Lon were perfect together. This is not a case of insta-love; the attraction builds over the book. Arcadia and Lon work together to find the demon responsible for the murders and to prove her parents’ innocence. I enjoyed Kindling the Moon and I can’t wait for a chance to read the next book Summoning the Night.