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Wolf Signs: Granite Lake Wolves, Book 1: Granite Lake Wolves Series, Book 1

Wolf Signs - Vivian Arend 3.5 starsHaving not read enough books about werewolves, I picked up a copy of Vivian Arend’s Wolf Signs as a free download a while back. Book 1 of her Granite Lake Wolves series was thoroughly entertaining and I just loved these wolves. The book is set in Canada’s rugged north, in Granite Lake Yukon. The area is isolated and the perfect place for a wolf pack to hang out. Wolf Signs is one of the few books I’ve read where the heroine has a disability. Robyn is deaf and communicates either by ASL or by writing. When Robyn goes to the Granite Lake cabin for some peaceful R & R, she is surprised by some unexpected visitors. TJ and Keil from the Alaska pack arrive at the cabin, also looking for some peace and quiet before Keil has to fight a challenge for the leadership of his pack. Unfortunately, they arrive while Robyn had just stepped out of the cabin buck naked to pick up some fresh snow.Misunderstandings and panic abound, and not only because Robyn can’t hear what the men are saying. When the men tell her to approach as wolf, she chalks it up to an unfamiliar American slang term. Another complication occurs when Keil realizes that Robyn is his mate. Problem – Robyn is not even aware of any wolfy heritage.There’s lots of indoor and outdoor action in this book. Avalanches, fight scenes, and an incredibly hot shower and sauna scene…I can’t wait to read the next book in the series - Wolf Flight. Wolf Signs has been featured as a Badass Book Reviews Hidden Gem - Canada eh? edition book here.