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C791 (Cyborgs: More Than Machines)

C791 - Eve Langlais Free download from www.allromance.com 5/4/12 (no longer free....)3.5 stars - Cyborg smexy times! Take a moment and admire that book cover. Mmmmm…. I’ve got to hand it to Eve Langlais. She takes a cyborg man (and here I was picturing Data from Star Trek) and makes him into a sex machine. Cyborg sex! Can you imagine? He can keep going and going…..X109GI or Joe for short is a cyborg who was once a man. After being exposed to an electro-magnetic pulse, his programming changed and he was able to think for himself. Joe wants to learn about his past and allows himself to be captured. Chloe is assigned to collect specimens from the prisoner. Joe is intrigued by Chloe and toys with her. At first, his conversations with her are a little crass and he intimidates her. Slowly, he notices that he has developed possessive feelings for his “little one.” This is odd for Joe as he has never experienced feelings for any woman before. Joe notices that Chloe arouses him. He decides to include Chloe in his escape plans.I don’t know – my usual frame of reference for cyborgs and androids is Star Trek, so there I was picturing Data with his greenish skin and funny eyes. Joe is not that. He is huge – and very humanlike. Joe’s attempts at understanding human behavior were entertaining. Chloe seemed to have infinite patience for her cyborg. I loved how she reprimanded him:“For a machine, you’ve got a potty mouth and a bad attitude. I would have thought your programming would make you more polite.” Joe has difficulty understanding human emotions. I found it amusing that he went all “alpha-borg” when Chloe was threatened by a prison guard. As for the sexy times, wow. These two are hot together. One of the benefits of a cyborg lover is his stamina. Yup. Ever-ready borgs. If you enjoy your romances set in space, and love a tall, handsome, and robotic love interest, then this book is for you. All in all, an amusing read. I’m looking forward to reading more of Eve Langlais’ books in the future. Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.