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Bared to You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #1)

Bared to You - Sylvia Day Bared to You by Sylvia Day is the ideal vacation and escape reading book. It has two very appealing characters: the beautiful young socialite Eva Tramell and the extraordinarily handsome and powerful Gideon Cross. These two have chemistry and their encounters are sizzling hot. The cast of characters is rounded out by some interesting secondary characters notably Eva’s boss Mark Garrity, and her roommate Cary Taylor.While the attraction between Eva and Gideon seemed immediate, I liked that they took the time to get to know each other. At first, I found their relationship a little clinical. I did enjoy the banter between these two characters and the sexual tension was exquisite. And when they finally connect – well, that scene in the limo rocked Gideon’s world.I think I fell in love with Gideon. Who wouldn’t? Gideon is perfect in every way: confident, buff, bold, and “inherently sexual.”“He was pure primal male, the embodiment of everything I coveted, fantasized about, and wished for.”While the characters may seem perfect – young, rich, and attractive – they are also damaged. Both Eva and Gideon bring a part of their troubled past into the relationship. Perhaps this is why Eva had trouble communicating with Gideon. It seemed to me that there were quite a few angsty moments. Eva’s reaction was to shut down and run away from Gideon. I did find that aspect of the book a little wearisome. If you’re looking for a book similar to that other trilogy, you may enjoy this book. I’m quite excited to hear that the next book Deeper In You is coming in October. I can’t wait!Thank you to Edelweiss and Penguin Books for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.