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Blue-Blooded Vamp (Sabina Kane Series #5)

Blue-Blooded Vamp (Sabina Kane, Book 5) - Jaye Wells For fans of the Sabina Kane series, this book rocks!Blue-Blooded Vamp is the perfect series finale, bringing together favorite characters past and present for an amazing quest through the many levels of Irkalla. Blue-Blooded Vamp begins in New Orleans, where our gang is assembled. Sabina, Adam, Erron Zorn, and Gighul are getting ready to go after their nemesis Cain. They prepare themselves with all sorts of magic and some of Madame Zenobia’s voodoo spells. (Love her name!)Flash to Italy. Yes, flash, the preferred method of travel for mages. No airports and long security lines for these guys. Our gang is now hunting the reclusive Abel who is to lead them to Cain. Big surprise as to the identity of Abel and Sabina gets put to some tests. Poor Sabina. Her daddy issues just seem to get worse and worse. Finally, Sabina and her gang must enter Irkalla where she must pass many more tests. Should Sabina succeed, she would be considered worthy of being a “Chosen” and then would be able to kill Cain without repercussion to her family and friends. Oh, and some of Sabina’s past does come to haunt her…I only started reading this series about 6 months ago and as I read this book, I was surprised to find out that the entire series takes place over a four month period. The amount of character development and growth is remarkable especially in this book where Sabina comes to terms with herself and her identity. The epilogue takes place eight months after the end of this book and it allows the reader to see Sabina’s future.As I was reading this book, I enjoyed the scenery – literally. New Orleans, Rome in the weeks before Lent, Tuscany, even Irkalla – all the sights were so romantic (well, not Irkalla, but it had its own special charms). The time of year also contributed to the story. Sabina and her friends arrived in Rome in the weeks before Lent. There was a crazy wild masked party on the plaza. The catacombs added a special touch of creepy. Rome made a beautiful backdrop for the story. The author used its touristic areas well. I loved her sense of humor: Sabina and her friends stayed at the Hotel Caligula. I had to smile at that. The journey through Irkalla reminded me a little of a video game. Each part of Irkalla was sectioned into separate areas for each of the dark races. As Sabina and her friends passed through each level, she needed to complete a test. The tests were difficult. Sabina had to fight her comrades, face zombies, and so forth. At the same time the god Asclepius is after Sabina to complete a task for him. I really liked this part of the book because some of the characters from past books made an appearance and their stories found some sort of closure.Things are going well for Sabina and Adam in the romance department. They are still together and in love. I was very happy for Gighul as he gets a little romance too. Gighul is still my favorite character. He gets all the best lines.Blue-Blooded Vamp is an excellent series finale. You really couldn’t ask for more in an end to a series book. I will miss Sabina Kane, Adam, and especially Gighul. I hope Ms. Wells has some great books coming out in the future.Just for fun, check out the author’s blog for this article:This series is recommended for urban fantasy lovers. The books should be read in order.Series Reading Order:1. Red-Headed Stepchild2. The Mage in Black3. Green-Eyed Demon4. Silver Tongued Devil5. Blue-Blooded VampReview posted on Badass Book ReviewsThank you to NetGalley and Orbit for a review copy of this book.