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Beginnings (The Plague, #1)

Beginnings (The Plague, #1) - Elle Chardou A rogue scientist sells a specially engineered virus to rid countries of undesired populations. The rich would be vaccinated, the poor would die. Or would they? The brilliant plan backfires as the virus travels the globe creating zombies in its wake. What a scary world this is. It is incredible how quickly the virus spreads from country to country. Lawlessness ensues and governments fall. The scientist that brought about this plague Charles Jessup begins to feel a little remorse for his actions. The book focuses on Charles’ family: Caroline his young trophy wife, their teenage son Jonas, and Charles’ older son Bradley. A few other characters round out the cast as their paths cross early in the book: Florestana, a Brazilian porn star, and the IRA couple Cillian and Nieve.I did like some aspects of this book. The author captured the complete devolution of society well. The despair, the panic, and the utter chaos was well done. The characters’ journey through France to Ireland highlighted the total devastation and danger brought about by the plague. The plague’s unintentional side effects were also original: the vaccinated person could still contract a form of the plague if bitten. They became sociopathic and lost their humanity. Interesting twist.I had several issues with this book. Why did the characters need to travel from France to Ireland to get guns and ammunition? Surely there would be armories somewhere in France. There were a few uncomfortable moments for me in the novel. Both instances were rape scenes. The first rape scene had the character join up with her rapist and become lovers later on. The second was an unexpected rape scene that just seemed unnecessary to me although I understand why it was placed where it was. I found some of the dialogue did not flow naturally and a few phrases were repeated several times. This is a gory zombie book. Not for the faint of heart. Recommended for people who enjoy brain and body part eating zombies. Book provided by the author for review.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.