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Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin Series #1)

Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin Series #1) - Shaedes of Gray was an enjoyable read for me. This is an urban fantasy without the requisite vampires and werewolves. Instead, the reader is immersed in a dark world full of shaedes, lythans, and other intriguing creatures. I found the world created by author Amanda Bonilla fascinating. The shaedes were really neat and their abilities were awesome. Imagine a creature that is corporeal during the day and able to mist in and out and through things as a shadow at night. Ever cool. The Lythans were a formidable enemy. They kind of made me want to run out and buy some Raid. Lythans were the opposite of the Shaedes and in their real form were huge, ugly insect-like beings. Their bite was venomous and they sucked out the insides of their prey. Other supernatural creatures round out this world including a tiny, blind oracle, a jinn, a riddling sylph, and some ravenous gargoyles.Shaedes of Gray follows assassin Darian and her dependable handler Tyler. I liked Darian – I found her to be kickass, lethal, and I liked her moral values. Darian is a survivor and her back story is sad and painful. Darian is told that she is the only one of her kind, a ruse developed by her “maker” and former lover Azriel. Darien does have her annoying side – she is quick to rebuff Tyler’s romantic advances often.I can’t say enough about Tyler. I’ll use the author’s words here: “Tyler never disappoints.” So true. I loved him. I loved his devotion to Darian. I want a Tyler. I wish I had a Tyler. A few other characters stood out for me. Anya, one of the King’s guards, was a leather-clad Bond girl lookalike. Darian’s impressions of Anya were hilarious and I enjoyed reading about her different colored suits. I loved Raif the King’s brother and his guard. Raif was a brave warrior and excellent teacher for Darian.I’m not sure how I felt about Alexander the King of the Shaedes. I felt that he withheld a lot of information from Darian. I also found that he was just a little creepy for my tastes. Shaedes of Gray kept me on the edge of my seat. It was action packed and an entertaining read. I can’t wait to read the sequel Blood Before Sunrise. Favorite quote:"You...are...nothing," he said. "A creature that lives between the realms. You are made of twilight and shadow and move as the wind through the trees. You are Shaede."