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The Prophet

The Prophet - Amanda Stevens Warning! Do not read this book if you are home alone! The Prophet by Amanda Stevens is the third book in The Graveyard Queen series. This book finds our heroine Amelia Gray back in Charleston, S.C. after some time away at Asher Falls (The Kingdom). Amelia is glad to be home, but she was deeply affected by the events at Asher Falls. She desperately misses someone from that town, yet she still pines for John Devlin, a haunted man.Amelia can see ghosts. These ghosts are dangerous; they can drain the life out of the living. Amelia has always lived by her father’s simple rules – never acknowledge the dead – but lately, she has allowed the ghosts to know that she can see them. When Amelia is approached by the powerful ghost of Robert Fremont, she agrees to help him find his killer. Robert is a strong ghost in that he can manifest in Amelia’s safe haven, hallowed ground. He is also able to manifest in the daytime. Amelia’s investigation of Robert’s death takes her through all sorts of dangerous situations. Devlin is still haunted by the ghost of his wife Mariama and her young daughter Shani. Mariama’s power makes her a formidable ghost, nothing to mess around with. The Prophet also introduces Darius Goodwine, Mariama’s cousin. Darius is behind many strange events in the area. Darius had been in Africa studying how to be a root doctor. His type of sorcery was frightening running the gamut of sound, control, dream infiltration, and the ability to cause people to become his zombies with gray dust. Darius adds a lot of creepy scary to this book. There are some interesting revelations in this book, especially about Mariama. We learn more about Devlin’s relationship with Mariama, her manipulations and plots. Mariama’s on again/off again relationship also focused on keeping Devlin’s daughter from him. Of course there are some jaw-dropping moments…Amelia’s relationship with Devlin goes through the wringer in this book. He warns her to stay away from him. She is drawn to him and cannot stay away. No one writes ghost stories like Amanda Stevens. The prose is beautifully written, haunting, evoking all the senses. The descriptions are vivid, the atmosphere dark and somber. The author has fantastic story telling skills. This is not just a ghost story; it is also a murder mystery. I understand that there will be more books in the series. Bring them on, I can’t wait.Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin for a review copy of this book.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.