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Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #10)

Lover Reborn - J.R Ward Oh, the angst! Oh, the sex! Angst and sex…repeat. (Not that there is anything wrong with that).I’ve enjoyed the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. While I am not a “rabid” fan, I’ve usually found this series to be a nice diversion from real life. The earlier books were addictive for me and I just couldn’t get enough. I mean, think about it, this is a series where the males are huge, muscled, and well-endowed. They take care of their women. It’s a no-brainer.Lover Reborn was an OK read for me. It had its enjoyable moments but too often those moments were offset with angst. I understand that this book needed to be emotional and I’m OK with that but it was just a little too much for me. Several things stood out for me while reading this book: First and foremost, Ms. Ward is very skilled at writing steamy love scenes. *fans self* They were very well done. I fell in love with Lassiter in this book. Lassiter amused me and his role reminded me of those little cartoon angels on people’s shoulders. Lassiter was an angel with attitude and I loved how he helped Tohr.The Band of Bastards made a nice addition to the cast of characters. Finally, the Black Dagger Brotherhood had a formidable opponent for the Brothers to battle. Not your sissy-baby-powder-scented-keystone-cop-zombie enemy; these guys were hard core. Can’t wait to see what the Band of Bastards will do in future books. I was intrigued by Assail and I am curious to see what his story is and how he will fit into later books.There were things about Lover Reborn that drove me crazy. There were too many characters, points of view, and story lines to keep track of. Some of the transitions were a little choppy, too. Some of the language and Wardisms were difficult to understand. I found myself rereading several passages. I also did not understand why a newly mated couple could have so many marital problems so early into their mating. John and Xhex suffered from too much angst that could have been easily rectified by a little communication. Will I read the next book? Most probably, though not right away….Review posted on Badass Book Reviews. See what Michelle and I thought about the book.