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Oracle's Moon (Elder Races Series #4)

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison Oracle’s Moon begins right were Serpent’s Kiss left off. Intrigued by the young oracle Grace, Khalil sticks around and insinuates himself into Grace’s life. Grace feels uneasy having a powerful djinn in her presence. She calls him “Khalil Somebody Important” and “The Bane of Her Existence.” Grace quickly realizes how nice it is to have someone helping her out.Grace is barely making ends meet. She has dropped out of college to care for her young niece and nephew, Chloe and Max. Grace was injured in the car crash that killed their parents and her sister and brother in law. Grace bears the scars of that accident and has difficulty climbing stairs. Since Grace has not yet started her oracle duties, she has little income and fewer job prospects.Khalil is a powerful djinn, a prince of the House Marid. He is attracted to Grace, fascinated by her and finds it difficult to stay away from her. Khalil comes across as a little pompous at first, but that is because of his age and status. I enjoyed reading about the djinn and how they came to exist. Djinn society, along with their complex bartering for favors as a system of currency, was fascinating. Khalil’s story about his wife and daughter was touching. Khalil’s love for his daughter Phaedra was beautiful. Khalil was wonderful with Chloe and Max. It was fun imagining this great djinn playing with the children and reading them bedtime stories. So unexpected.The djinn perspective on everyday things was quite different. Khalil did not “make” pancakes. He “achieved” them. And Khalil’s achievement of pancakes was a breakfast buffet from the best restaurants…Some of the Elder Races characters make a cameo appearance in this book, notably Dragos (he of hot dragon sex fame) and Pia. Grace sees a strange, disturbing vision involving Dragos and I hope that that story line is expanded in the next book Lord’s Fall. Carling and Run make an appearance as well. Khalil is quite unaware of human dating rituals and I had to chuckle when Khalil announced that he was going on a date with Grace and that he was going to dress casually. Rune’s reaction was priceless. I liked Grace’s character. She was tough and feisty and I admired how much she cared for her niece and nephew. When Grace was threatened by Phaedra, she stood her ground. Grace was a surprisingly powerful oracle and she hadn’t come into all of her powers yet. I love the world that Thea Harrison created and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series – Lord’s Fall in November. Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.