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Fractured Moon (Steel #1)

Fractured Moon (Steel #1) - E.R. Pierce Fractured Moon - 3.5 starsParanormal Romance is one of my guilty pleasures. I’ve always been a sucker for the mated pair/soul mate story. There’s something very primal about the mate bond and when werewolves are involved…I’ve got to read it.Fractured Moon by debut author E.R. Pierce surprised me. I found myself lost in the story. This isn’t a caveman style “you’re my soul mate” story. No, it was about a couple that took the time to acknowledge their attraction and get to know each other first.Aurelia is a character that I could easily relate to. Aurelia is 30, a bookstore owner, and a werewolf. Aurelia is the only daughter of the local alpha. Aurelia is a twin and shares a telepathic connection to her twin brother Ville. Her family provides her with loving support and protection.Aurelia is not like the other werewolves. She is dysfunctional and unable to shift. As a result, she is shunned by a lot of the werewolves. Aurelia finds a way to cope with her “disability,” befriending a local wolf pack and joining Werewolves Anonymous. Aurelia is surrounded by her friends and family. Her best friend Astrid fascinated me. A tattoo artist by day, a social coordinator during her free time, Astrid was a great friend for Aurelia. I liked how Ceithan was introduced in the story. When Ceithan initially meets Aurelia, he is attracted to her however he was in a relationship. Once Ceithan realized that Aurelia may be his mate, Ceithan concluded his other relationship and took the time to get to know Aurelia. There’s a slow build up to some great sexy times. These two were hot together. As Michelle the Bookshelf Stalker says “…best shower scene ever.” Fractured Moon is a solid debut for author E.R. Pierce. I’m looking forward to more great books in this series.