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Unholy Magic (Downside Ghosts Series #2)

Unholy Magic - Stacia Kane Nobody writes dark urban fantasy like Stacia Kane. The author creates a world where ghosts wreak havoc and people turn to the Church to protect them. The Church provides people specially trained to get rid of ghosts. This is a world where summoning a ghost results in the death penalty. Ghosts kill and steal energy. Part of the allure of this series is the way that the characters are written. Almost every character is flawed and yet, the reader feels invested in that character’s well-being. The main character Chess Putnam is a Church debunker or Church witch. Chess has a serious drug dependency problem – she is often strung out on a combination of pills. Even though she is an addict, Chess is surprisingly lucid, very good at her job, and able to research and solve her cases.Speaking of characters, this series has one of my favorite scary enforcers named Terrible. Oh, Terrible. If I saw you out in the streets, I would run in the opposite direction. Terrible is huge and not very attractive. The way he is written, the way he speaks, makes the reader see him in a different life. You want him to have a happy ending. He deserves it. In this book, we learn more about Chess’ past. We learn why she is so damaged and why she has become so drug dependent. Chess’ past gives us a clue why Chess cannot understand that someone could love her.There is a kind of love triangle going on. Stick with the books, the triangle is a function of Chess’ lack of self-respect rather than stringing on two men at a time. I can’t write a review about this book or this series without mentioning Downspeak the slang/patios used by residents of Downside. It adds a realistic touch to the chatter, dig? This series is not for everyone. It is most definitely an adult series, with adult situations and themes. If you like dark, urban fantasy, it is one of the better series out there.