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Fair Game: An Alpha and Omega novel

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs Wow! What a ride! Patricia Briggs proves once again that she is a master story-teller. The world she creates has me actually believing that there are werewolves, witches, fae, and the like living amongst us. I love how she incorporates magic and the spirit world into her books. The third book in her Alpha and Omega series, Fair Game was well worth the wait. In this book, Anna worries about Charles. She’s afraid that his enforcer role is causing him to burn out. Anna is no longer the meek, skittish wolf of the previous books. She has confidence and poise. When Anna approaches Bran the Marrok with her concerns, she is dismissed. Through the intercession of Asil and Adam, Bran decides to send Anna and Charles to Boston to act as consultants to an FBI task force.The FBI task force is searching for a serial killer in Boston who has been hunting werewolves and fae. Several new characters are added to the Alpha and Omega world and I hope that they will be making appearances in later books. Leslie Fisher is the lead FBI agent and the liaison between Anna and Charles and the rest of the task force. Isaac is the Boston area Alpha. Alistair Beauclaire is a fae and the father of one of the missing. If you thought that Charles was scary, don’t mess with Beauclaire. As a representative for all the werewolves, Anna shines. P.R. work is perfect for her as Anna does not look threatening. She is born into the role, using her calming influence, and her diplomatic skills explaining how to behave around a dominant werewolf like Charles. Charles – Where do I start? I was kind of frustrated with Charles. I really wished he would have communicated more with Anna. Instead, he shut down and allowed Brother Wolf to take over. This is where Briggs excels in her writing: Charles, the man and the wolf are almost seamless. They are fully integrated. I also love how his Salish Indian spiritual side is incorporated into his character. There is some sex in this book. Yay! It’s just at a weird and unexpected point in the plot. That’s all I’ll say. The ending! The ending just blew me away! It was perfect. It was spectacular. Please don’t make us wait so long for the next book, Ms. Briggs!Team Badass' review here.Interview with Patricia Briggs here. Favorite Quotes - Leslie learned two valuable things about the fae that day. They were powerful and charming-and they ate children and puppies.I can't believe you just called me a white eye. Better than pale-face, I suppose, but it is just so Bonanza.