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Pale Demon (The Hollows, Book 9)

Pale Demon - Kim Harrison Pale DemonI’ve missed Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and the rest of the Hollows gang. I don’t know why I kept putting off reading this book. The Hollows was one of the first urban fantasy series that I read and enjoyed. In fact, it is one of the series that made me a huge urban fantasy fan. In Pale Demon, Rachel and the gang are on a road trip from Cincinnati to San Francisco for Rachel’s meeting with the coven and her brother Robbie’s wedding. Road trip. Can you imagine a road trip with a witch, a vampire, and a pixie? Sounds like the start of a joke. Add in an elf and the possibilities for humor, mayhem and destruction are endless. Just the dialogue in the car had me in stitches. I love how these characters interact. Trent joins the trip on a top secret elf-quest. Yes, an elf-quest which he must complete over land. Elf-quests require that he be accompanied by a mirror, shield, and sword. Trent decides that Rachel will fit the bill, despite her protests that she will miss her brother’s wedding. Some of my favorite characters in this series live in the ever-after. I adore Al and Newt was a pleasant surprise. Newt finally got some positive attention and I’m glad we got to know her better. I now understand why she was so unbalanced. I love the author’s depiction of the ever-after. Red soil, dilapidated buildings collapsing but never really falling down, demons, and of course, a demon bar. Rachel has changed a lot over the course of this series. Her character has grown and matured. She can still act like a loose cannon, but for the most part, Rachel thinks out her options. She now has confidence in her abilities. I love this series. I’m looking forward to reading the next book - A Perfect Blood.