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Still Hot For You

Still Hot For You - Diane Escalera 3.5 starsFive years into her marriage to Dylan, Shay felt that her marriage had lost its spark. She rarely had sex with her workaholic husband. In the past few months, they rarely communicated. They had a disagreement about Shay’s desire to start a family. Shay, worried about her biological clock wanted a baby. Dylan wanted to wait until they were more financially independent. Shay misses Dylan and devises a plan to spice up their relationship. Her solution? Booty Camp. And so begins Shay’s seduction project.I enjoyed this short novella. I think that most married couples need to “tune up” their relationship at one point or another during their marriage. Shay’s approach was both seductive and funny. Shay took the time to create different dates for each day of the week. I loved how real life situations interfered with Shay’s plans. It really gave this story a realistic feel.You’ve got to love Dylan. He was completely clueless about his marriage. Dylan was head over heels in love with his wife. He doesn’t think that there are any problems. It really shows how men and women think differently. Dylan’s entire focus was on building a successful business and being a good provider for his career minded wife. Dylan and his only worry was that she wanted a divorce. Imagine his surprise when she proposed her Booty Camp.It’s not hard to relate to these characters. I think that most relationships do go through a tough patch. Shay’s solution was cute. In real life, I think that there would be way more interruptions. Still Hot for You is a sweet story of how a husband and wife learn to communicate their needs to each other. It is tender and touching with just the right amount of steaminess.Review copy provided by the authorReview posted on Badass Book Reviews.