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Heat Stroke (Weather Warden Series #2)

Heat Stroke - Rachel Caine I need the next book! The Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine is not like any other urban fantasy series. There are no werewolves. No vampires. This series focuses on a talented group of people known as the Weather Wardens. Their mission: to control the weather and ensure the least amount of damage to people and property. The Weather Wardens are assisted by powerful djinns (genies). The world building in this series is well done. Rachel Caine has the ability to describe almost every particle and atom of existence and make it interesting. Her depictions of malevolent storms are fascinating. Her storms have character, strength, and destructive powers. I loved her depiction of the aetheric and the cold light and blue sparks. Beautiful. The plot moved along quite quickly and I enjoyed watching the main character Jo’s transformation. Jo needs to make some adjustments to her new situation. The author captures Jo’s frustrations and fears well, adding in subtle touches of humor: Jo can’t seem to get her hair right, no matter how hard she tries. The Weather Wardens is an exciting addition to the long list of urban fantasy series out there. The good news – this series is complete, with a 4 book (so far) spin-off series so you can read at your leisure. The bad news – this book ends in a cliffhanger. Off to read Chill Factor (book 3)!Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.