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Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling Series #3)

Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh I’m beginning to see the appeal of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series. Three books in and I am hooked. It’s like crack for paranormal romance junkies. With each book I read, I fall in love with the lead characters and I want more. I need more.So much happens in this book. There’s a killer on the loose, a rebellion brewing, a power hungry Psy Council, and of course, a love story with an unlikely pairing. The world building continues to hold my interest. The Psy are so clinical, emotionless, and repressed. Changelings are almost their polar opposites. Changelings live in packs, crave touch, and cherish their young. The political intrigue continues. The Psy Council plots against the Changelings, trying to turn packs of Changelings against each other. The councilors drive for power, and their constant jockeying for position, combined with some of their nefarious plots were truly frightening. Meanwhile, a Psy dissention movement is beginning to gain momentum through the mysterious Ghost. Can’t wait to see what happens with this character in future books.Of course, what would a Psy-Changeling book be without our romantic leads? This book focuses on the unlikely pairing of Judd Lauren and Brenna Kinkaid. Judd Lauren is a Psy with exceptional telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Judd is the ultimate Ice Man – his early training with the Psy in the elite Arrow Squad makes him an effective assassin. Strangely enough, Judd and his family live outside the Psynet with the SnowDancers pack. Brenna Kinkaid is a SnowDancer wolf. Brenna was damaged from her order in a previous book and as a result, she suffers from constant mental breakdowns and is unable to shift to her wolf form. Brenna is not as weak as she seems. Underneath her damaged exterior is one determined woman. When Brenna is targeted by a killer, Judd begins to watch over her. And so begins his transformation…This is an interesting, almost symbiotic relationship. Judd helps Brenna deal with her inner demons. He is the only one who can help her when she feels a break down coming. Brenna helps break down the Ice Man’s defenses. I’m so glad that there are a lot more of these books left for me to discover. Off to read the next book!Favorite quote:“You have dangerous eyes, a stubborn jaw, the body of a soldier, and the mind of a hunter. That my darling Psy,” she whispered, “makes you a gorgeous, sexy package I want to lick from head to toe.”Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.