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Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3)

Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3) - It’s been a while since I read Fate’s Edge and having had the time to think about this book, I still have good feelings about it. Fate’s Edge is an action-packed adventure and is the latest book in Ilona Andrews’ Edge series. The Edge series has got to be one of the more imaginative series out there. Set in a world that seems parallel to ours, the people of the Edge live between our world (The Broken) and the magical aristocratic world of The Weird. Strange creatures, weird customs, eccentric characters, magic, and political intrigue is part of this world.Fate’s Edge focuses on Audrey Callahan and Kaldar Mar. Audrey is a hard working girl, a freelance investigator living in our world (The Broken). Audrey is hiding out from her dysfunctional family and is trying to eke out an honest living but Audrey’s family convinces her to do just one more job. Kaldar Mar is a scoundrel, a smuggler, a liar, and a thief among other things. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed his character; he was kind of lovable. The relationship build up between Audrey and Kaldar was extremely slow. Kaldar was known to be a ladies’ man and would never have even thought of settling down until he met Audrey. There is a lot of sparring between these two, both verbal and with knives. The dialogue between the two was hilarious.For me, the children stole the show. George and Jack, now living in The Weird with Rose and Declan added a child’s (and lynx’s) point of view to the story. I hope that one day the authors will write a book about the adventures of these two characters.