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A Little Harmless Submission (Harmless, #6)

A Little Harmless Submission - Melissa Schroeder Allromance.com free download 12/17/11I picked up this book during Allromance.com’s 12 Days of Christmas promotion. People with ereaders – mark your calendars for next year – there’s always interesting books for all sorts of tastes to choose from. I had never read anything by Melissa Schroeder before and I was pleasantly surprised.Just a word of warning – this is book 6 in the Harmless series. Go ahead, you can read this one out of order. It can be read as a standalone book and still be enjoyed. A Little Harmless Submission was fun to read. Yes, there was even a good story between the hot, sexy times. Set in Hawaii (how can you go wrong?) the book follows FBI profiler Maria Callahan and Honolulu detective Rome Carino as they track a serial killer known as the Dom because he targets regulars at the local BSDM clubs.I liked that the characters had depth. Maria was the daughter of a well-known FBI profiler. She received her on the job training from her father at an early age. Even though she is in law enforcement, she yearns to be a romance writer. Rome has all the makings of an alpha male: territorial, growly, possessive, even a little caveman at times. Oh, an added bonus – Rome is a much sought-after Dom in the BSDM community, too. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two main characters. I loved how their relationship progressed and how Rome wanted to protect Maria. Their first night together was beautifully done. The secondary characters were amusing. I especially liked the girls Dee and May. Their shopping trip with Maria was hilarious.I’ll be checking out the other books in this series. I can’t wait to read them.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews.