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Tempting Danger (Lupi Series #1)

Tempting Danger (Lupi Series #1) - A great start to the series!Tempting Danger is the first book in The World of the Lupi series by Eileen Wilks. I’m disappointed that I had not discovered this series sooner. I’m going to have a lot of books to catch up on. In Tempting Danger, the main character Lily investigates a murder at a Lupi bar. Lily is a detective and in the course of her investigation, she questions Rule Turner, a prince of the Nikolai clan and a lupi. As a sensitive, Lily is able to sense magic on others. Rule perplexes her; she is unable to feel his magic. I enjoyed Lily’s character. She was bright, thoughtful, and resourceful. I loved how Lily planned her first date with Rule at a police frequented bar so that she could feel safe. Lily has a sense of humor. Her overweight cat is named Dirty Harry. Lily’s childhood trauma added dimension to her character, encouraging her to seek a life in law enforcement, yet exposing her vulnerabilities. Once Lily and Rule sorted out their differences, they were wonderful together. I loved how the author structured this world. The Lupi had their own hierarchy with Rule’s father as the leader, or Rho. Their customs and ceremonies were fascinating. The magic in this world was impressive. The sorcerers could literally see their spells as they cast them. I liked the integration of the supernatural creatures into our world and how special police and FBI squads were formed to deal with magical and supernatural issues. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series – Mortal Danger.Review posted on Badass Book Reviews