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Green-Eyed Demon (Sabina Kane Series #3)

Green-Eyed Demon - Jaye Wells I’m a little addicted to this series. I can’t say why, other than they are fun to read and a great escape. Green-Eyed Demon is the third book in the Sabina Kane series. In this installment, Sabina, Adam, and Gighul must rescue Sabina’s twin sister Maisie from her criminally insane grandmother Lavinia. And, oh yes, Sabina must save the world from Lavinia’s sinister plans to rid the world of mages, among other things.This book is set mostly in New Orleans, which provides the perfect atmosphere for this book. New Orleans is an easy place to believe in magic, voodoo, and all things paranormal. Sabina and Adam enlist the aid of Zenobia a voodoo and magic store owner, to help find Maisie. The characters really make the series. Gighul the demon is up to his usual mischief. Zenobia’s assistant Brooks has a flamboyant alter-ego as Pussy Willow, a transvestite entertainer. Throw in the mage shock rock group Necrospank’s lead singer Erron Zorn and you have a most colorful cast of characters. The dialogue alone had me in stitches. On the relationship side, Sabina has difficulty with commitment. She makes a few bad decisions and I felt frustrated with Sabina as she avoided Adam. However, Sabina does mature in this book. She still can act as a loose cannon, but she learns to depend on the others around her. I especially enjoyed the battle scenes. I loved how Sabina developed more control over her powers. These scenes had me on the edge of my seat. Well done!