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Bitten in Two (Jaz Parks Series #7)

Bitten in Two - Jennifer Rardin When we last left our heroine Jaz Parks and her team, they were battling gnomes in Australia. In this book, Jaz and the gang are in Morocco. Their mission: Find the Rocenz, a demon hammer and chisel. Their handicap: Vayl seems to think that he is Lord Brancoveanu and the year is 1777. This leads to some rather interesting situations and puts a strain on Jaz and Vayl’s relationship. Once again the team is assembled. Bergman is still on gadget duty. He is tinkering with Astral the robokitty who now has an awesome play list in addition to offensive and defensive skills. Bergman has died his hair blond in the hopes of attracting more women like Cole. Cole, the babe magnet, in his trademark red high-tops has made an action figure prototype of himself. Cassandra is sitting out this mission in Miami, dog sitting Jack the dog. New additions to the team are Khypas the demon who has been promised the souls of the Oversight Committee as well as Brude. Sterling the wizard has also agreed to help out. Jaz had to wheel and deal to convince him to come out – a brand new guitar and 24 hours of uninterrupted play time on the Wii. I love the banter between the characters. Each character has his or her own strengths, eccentricities, and agendas. Vayl or Lord Brancoveanu as he is known in 1777 thinks that Cole and Jaz are the married Mr. and Mrs. Borgia. He believes that Bergman is his ward Helena. What an interesting way of giving the reader information about Vayl’s early days. Vayl was a ruthless vampire, feeding on humans. He was also not a very nice man, but he took care of Helena and kept her from some werewolves. It is heartbreaking to watch Vayl not acknowledge Jaz. The rejection weighs heavily upon her. When Jaz is near Vayl, he calls her Mrs. Borgia and expects her to act as his servant. In addition to the rejection, she is being weakened by the strain of harboring Brude in her mind. There were touching moments when Lord Brancoveanu sees a photo of Jaz and falls in love with her. He decides to court her, 1777-style by writing letters. Problem is, he can’t write, so he asks his servant Mrs. Borgia (Jaz) to write the letters for him. Absolutely touching.Of course, this series is not without lots of action, fights, and battles with Hell spawn. The gang battles weres, mages, and a certain demon. I found the ending exciting and I was at the edge of my seat. Oh Cole! Bergman! Wow, what a ride!While I can’t wait to read the next book, I am sad that it is the last in the series.