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Immortal (Gillian Shields' Immortal Series #1)

Immortal - Gillian Shields Free audio book from audiosync.com this summer.Since I received this as a freebie, I thought I would try an experiment and try out an audio book. I think that this book ran about 7 or 8 hours, but it sure felt longer. The reader wasn't bad, but the story was not for me.Immortal is the story of a young girl named Evie Johnson who is sent to the Wyldcliffe Abbey School for young women. She meets the handsome Sebastian James outside of the school and manages to see him often. Of course, Sebastian is not really that good for her and there are glaring signs that perhaps Sebastian is not what he seems. Evie ignores all the signs for love. There is something odd about the school as well, not to mention the gaggle of catty girls that have decided to torment Evie.So - boarding school, catty girls, mysterious boy, other strange things, a mystery journal - It could have been interesting, but the story fell flat for me. Perhaps it was Evie's total lack of self preservation that bothered me the most. If your boyfriend tells you that you can't see him in the daytime, he won't introduce you to his family, and that he might hurt you, wouldn't you run in the opposite direction? I know I would.