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Storm of Visions (Chosen Ones Series #1)

Storm of Visions - Christina Dodd Storm of Visions by Christina Dodd brings the reader into the world of the Chosen, specially selected people with gifts such as healing, mind control, earth powers, and most importantly, seers. Jacqueline is a powerful seer. At the beginning of the novel, she is estranged from her mother, the charismatic Zusanne. She is brought back to join the Chosen and to take her place among them. When tragedy strikes, Jacqueline is forced on the run with the other Chosen and their guards.I found that the story reminded me a little of some of the comic books that have been made into movies recently. Our heroes have special powers and they fight against the Others. They even have a Chosen Handbook: When the World Was Young: A History of the Chosen Ones.Jacqueline’s relationship with her mother was conflicted. She saw her mother leading a glamorous, jet-setting life, abandoning Jacqueline to be with her latest and richest husband. Jacqueline also had a rather stormy relationship with Caleb as well. I loved the sexual tension between these characters. The sex scenes sizzled. Caleb is a fiercely protective alpha male, loyal to both Zusanne and Jacqueline. The special powers were fascinating. Jacqueline’s seer abilities were so vivid. She was actively experiencing all of her visions. Overall, a good start to the series and I would be curious to read the next book. Posted at Badass Book Reviews