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Silver Shark (Kinsmen, #2)

Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews I love the writing team that is Ilona Andrews. I am so happy whenever there is a new release of their books. I don't usually read science fiction, but I enjoyed this. Our heroine Claire Shannon is a psycher, someone with the ability to attack others' minds telepathically. When her side loses a 300+ year battle, she is deported to another planet. She is given three months to find a job, otherwise risk deportation back to her world.Claire finds work at Venturo Escara's corporation and she senses an immediate connection to him. Almost a little too quick, but hey, this is a novella and only 96 pages long. Claire is able to shield her psychic abilities so he has no idea what she is capable of. The world building was fascinating. This new planet is lovely, but a little bit on the savage side. I loved how the society was structured with the kinsmen acting like mafia-style families. My only criticism is that the story ended a little abruptly. I wanted more!